Covid-19 is hitting the world like nothing we've ever experienced. It's likely that this pandemic will change and shape the way we live our lives forever and we are only beginning to see the impact on businesses, and social experiences. 

One of the more positive benefits, is that people will become much more aware of their personal hygiene, and the need to keep themselves and their families safe and germ free. 

Understandably, a majority of us have been incredibly lax when it comes to self hygiene - the ability to monitor our children when they are out and about is incredibly difficult which is where Squeezy Sanitizer helps. 

Squeezy Sanitizer is a food-grade silicone wristband with the added ability to dispense liquid sanitizer at the squeeze of a wrist. Importantly, it reminds you to clean your hands often, and whenever necessary because it is right there at your fingertips. You no longer need to bring out, and remember to use sanitizer bottles anymore. 

Easy to clean and refill, Squeezy Sanitizer is also easy on the eye, and perfect for your entire family.