Common FAQs

How much is Squeezy Sanitizer? 

Squeezy Sanitizer is currently only $10.50 and is BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!

Where are you based? 

Our offices are based in California, although we have bases and warehouses around the world. 

What materials are Squeezy Sanitizer made from? 

Squeezy Sanitizer is made from Food-Grade Silicon which is easy to clean, refill and durable 

How do I refill Squeezy Sanitizer? 

We will send you a refillable bottle with tube which you can use to refill your wristband

What products can I put into Squeezy Sanitizer? 

You can put anything you wish, such as sanitizers, hand lotion, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and more. 

Can I reuse Squeezy Sanitizer after I have put in other products?

Yes! Simply clean out Squeezy Sanitizer and you can reuse it with any other liquids.  

What are your return policies? 

Unfortunately during this pandemic, we are unable to offer refunds, however if your product is defective we are happy to send a replacement. 

What are your payment options? 

We accent Paypal and most major credit card